Welcome to The Merchandiser

As of July 4, 2020 our main website has been shut down, and this information is being provided for any clients and customers who may need to reach us.

Mailing Address: 70 Stevens Street, Clifton Springs, New York, 14432

Phone Number: 315-462-6411


TheMerchandiser.net Domain is "For Sale"

This is a clean domain with a 20 year history purchased in 1999 and has only been owned/registered by one entity - The Merchandiser, Inc.

If you are interested in purchasing this domain please contact DevFX at https://developfx.com and use their contact form here: for all inquiries.

Serious inquiries only, please include an offer when contacting DevFX.

Why themerchandiser.net domain is valuable!

Please Note: The following values are based on historical data taken from past domain sales with similar qualities and naming, this does not imply a set value in any way - all offers will be entertained.

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