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Answers for Family Fun Games - October 31 thru November 21, 2019

New answers posted weekly with an available game download for weeks 1 through 3 as they are printed in The Merchandiser.

On the fourth week all games and answers are published online

Week 1: 10/31/2019

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Week 1 Guess Who Answer

Winona Ryder

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Week 1 Sudoku Answers

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Week 1 What's the Difference Answers

1. Dalmatian's collar missing 2. Baby has more hair 3. Girl has white socks 4. Extra pillow on couch

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Week 2 Answers are not available until the games are printed in The Merchandiser's weekly publication on 11/07/2019
Week 3 Answers are not available until the games are printed in The Merchandiser's weekly publication on 11/14/2019

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This page is actively being updated and developed as time permits to add to and improve game play and control features. Most games are currently playable online, additionally all games can be downloaded for print and play at any time.

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